Strong as a Mother…

Because that’s what it takes!

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About Me.

I’m Haley. Mother of three little ones, fitness fanatic, wife to an annoying tattoo artist and entrepreneur.

I love my family and I love to exercise, but life hasn’t always been great. I remember when I suffered from “mom guilt” every day, when I didn’t have the energy to do the dishes, when I felt like the only identity I had was “mom.”

With the love and support of my family and friends, I finally found something that lifted me from that purgatory.

Now I want to help other moms do the same. How can I help you?


My Focus

I understand where you are. Here’s how I live and what I preach.


Defeat mom guilt with peaceful parenting. Be the bow so your kids can be the arrows.


Fit life = happy life. Keep up with your kids and your goals by getting in shape. Exercise is for well-being, not weight loss.


Garbage in: garbage out. High quality fuel for your body helps you think more clearly, be present, and lose weight!


Find a balanced mind by growing every day. Be productive, be prolific, be prosperous, be fulfilled.



It won’t be easy, but it WILL be worth it.

Haley is an amazing person, friend, mother, wife, motivator, and fitness coach! I wouldn’t be the person or mother I am today without her help.

And I definitely wouldn’t be a Beachbody coach either. I will likely live a much longer and healthier life from that connection with her and I will forever be grateful to her and for my bonus kiddos too!



MiKayla Winkleman

Beachbody Coach, Stay-at-home mother of two.


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